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Wall B - Sock hanging over tree...steps on tree...rope hanging from tree. Bean Bag Chair.
Baseball cap hanging from bat and ball. Didn't draw in wood panels...but will
be there in painting.

Wall A - Kids only sign. Chalkboard hanging from wall. If you want to, I can paint in real
chalkboard paint so you're kids can use it as a chalboard. Binoculars in the window, a guitar,
Jacks,Guitar, Milk Crate and a rug.

Wall C - Ashley is painting 'Ashley and Jacob's Treehouse'. Fake drawings hanging from the wall.
If you want this part to be interactive, I can place magnetic paint so that you're kids can use
magnets to hang their own artwork here. There is a Teddy Bear, doll and a BackPack. I forgot to
draw in wood panels, but in the real painting, they will be there.

Wall D ... Treasure map on the floor, with magnifying glass, and compass. There is a yoyo,
candy wrapper, cards, flashlight, key, and calendar. There is a pully system to take the kitten
up and down the window. With the calendar, I can also make this chalkboard paint, if you want
to really use it as a calendar. It is up to you.

Let me know how you like this Treehouse Mural Sketch. Thanks.

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